Smart and secured identity solutions

In this technologically savvy world, it is important to use security measures for identity authentication in various sectors and industries. Preventive measures against hacking and forgery are necessary to protect sensitive data. Modern identity verification solutions include use of biometric machines, palm and retina scanners and encrypted ID cards. The Fargo card printer Australia companies sell generates PVC cards containing all identification details and barcodes which can be scanned before entry.

Benefits of using such identity solutions

Governments and industries require multifactor authentication including visual verification, physical access and IT access. The cards printed by the Fargo card printer Australia companies can be easily issued and contain all the security features necessary to clear the high-security personnel who are privy to confidential information. The card with the encrypted information can be reset, changed, updated, revoked, deprovisioned or replaced. Such identity solutions can save time and manual labour and are very secure and reliable.

The security features go on increasing with higher levels of the printers. These cards help in visitor management, staff and students attendance tracking, regulation of licenses, access tracking and many other things. Check Avnet TP for more details.

The range of Fargo printers

Fargo printers are a line of PVC ID card printers made by the company HID which is known for its security solutions. These printers range from simple to state-of-the-art. The price depends on the model chosen. Some of the models are HDP5600, DTC5500LMX, HDP8500, HDP5000, DTC4500e, DTC4250e, DTC1250e. Every model comes with its own specifications. Some of the features are superior text and image quality, durability, high level of security through encryption of data, eco-friendly solutions by providing wasteless lamination, incredibly fast printing speed, volume production and ultra-low cost-per-card. Some printers just print and laminate whereas others encode the data in the card.

You can get the best Fargo card printer in Australia by visiting websites like and you can select the one that suits your requirements adequately.

Uses of such ID cards

Nowadays, these plastic cards are used almost everywhere for identity validation. These ID cards are used in schools, colleges, universities, government offices, corporations, libraries and as medicare cards, national identity cards, visitors cards, etc. The direct-to-card system used by the Australia Fargo card printer is very safe and secure and it can be generated in less than five minutes. Governments also use these cards to generate voter-ID cards for the citizens. It is a digital solution which replaces manpower required in manually verifying identity and is more credible because it is based only on known data which cannot be tampered with once the card is generated. It is not easy to bypass this security feature as it contains the salient information about the person to whom it belongs and can stop access immediately in case the identity cannot be verified.


Most of the sectors have taken to using the Fargo card printer in Australia to print various types of ID cards. The Fargo card printer Australia companies sell are highly efficient and provide high-quality cards at very low costs and in a short span of time. They offer a smart solution to all your identity verification problems!

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